SE 4/5/6KTL(D1) SE Single phase on-grid solar inverter

SE 4/5/6KTL(D1) SE Single phase on-grid solar inverter SE 4/5/6KTL(D1) - Dimension

(SE 4/5/6KTL(D1) - Dimension)



High Efficiency & Higher Yield Rate

  • Max efficiency 98.0%, European efficiency 97.4%, excellent performance.
  • High intelligent MPPT technology, promoting efficiency of each module.
  • Various sets of independent MPPTs, perfectly compatible with different situations of installation areas, preventing the loss due to bad configuration of modules effectively.
  • Wide input voltage range (70V-580V) to maximize operation time and power generated throughout the day.

Safety, Reliability & Lower Investment

  • Die-cast aluminum enclosure to ensure that real protection rating of IP65 for both indoor and outdoor application.
  • Perfectly compatible with different power grid conditions, suitable for low power grid at rural areas.
  • Choosing high quality materials to ensure long using period of whole unit.
  • Natural convection cooling technology to ensure reliable using period in high temperature situations.

Easily Installation & Smart Operation and Maintenance

  • User-friendly communication interface with standard bluetooth, indicating and solving different troubles.
  • Pluggable AC/DC connectors designed for PV applications make installation so easy.
  • Using APP/WEB for remote control and remote firmware upgrade, smart operation and maintenance.
  • The lightest PV inverter in the industry with the smallest volume (12.8kg for 5KW), one worker can install easily.




Model SE 4KTL-D1 SE 5KTL-D1*** SE 6KTL-D1
Max. Efficiency 98.00% 98.00% 98.00%
European Efficiency 97.40% 97.40% 97.40%
Max. Input Voltage 600V
Over-Configuration PV Power Ratio 130%
Rated Input Voltage 360V
Max. Input Current 22A (2*11A)
Min. Operation Voltage/Start Input Voltage 90V/70V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range 70-580V
MPPT Operating Voltage Range (Full-Load) 190-520V 240-520V 300-520V
Max. Number of PV Strings 2(1/1)
No. of MPPTs 2
Rated AC Active Power 4,000W 5,000W*** 6,000W
Max. AC Apparent Power 4,400VA 5,250VA*** 6,600VA
Max. AC Active Power (PF=1) 4,400W 5,250W*** 6,600W
Max. AC Output Current 19.1A 23.8A 28.6A
Rated AC Voltage 220V/230V, L+N+PE
AC Voltage Range* 160-300V(adjustable)
Rated Grid Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Grid Frequency Range** 45Hz-55Hz/55Hz-65Hz
THDI <3%(Rated Power)
DC Current Injection <0.5%In
Power Factor >0.99 rated power(adjustable 0.8LG - 0.8LD)
DC switch support
Anti-islanding protection support
AC overcurrent protection support
AC short circuit protection support
DC reverse connection support
Surge Arrester AC Type III
Insulation detection support
Leakage current protection support
Topology Transformerless
IP Rating IP65
Cooling Natural Cooling
Operating Temperature Range -25 °C to 60 °C
Relative Humidity Range 0-100%
Max. Operating Altitude 4000m
Noise <25dB
Dimensions (W*H*D) 335*426*125mm
Weight 12.8Kg
Display Bluetooth & LED, LCD(Optional)
Communication RS485(Optional), WIFI (Optional), GPRS(Optional)
Safety IEC62109-1, IEC62109-2
Grid Code VDE-AR-N 4105, IEC61727, IEC62116, VDE 0126-1-1, ABNT, IEEE 1547, AS4777
Others IEC 60068, IEC61683
Warranty 5 Years/10 Years(Optional)

Note:   * The range of output voltage and frequency may vary depending upon different grid codes.

              * Specifications are subject to change without notice.